Prototype Machining

Prototype Machining in West Haven, Vt.

As a machine shop that cares about the machining needs of local businesses and the industry as a whole, Fair Haven Machine, Inc. is proud to take on “one-off” parts or pieces in need of quick turnaround for prototype machining. Using state-of-the-art CNC facilities, Fair Haven Machine creates production prototypes that function much in the way that the final, finished component will perform. These CNC machined prototypes give customers the ability to “test run” an assembled, functional final product due to Fair Haven’s high standards for prototype machining, strength, and mechanical stability.

With our prototype machining service, Fair Haven Machine helps customers to identify threats or problems within their product and make the necessary adjustments to ensure that the final design is free of flaws. Ultimately, this early-stage intervention and quality control saves customers time, money, and headaches as manufacturing progresses.

Fair Haven Machine provides exacting prototyping machining, meticulous quality management, and in-depth knowledge to industries including solar energy, commercial ovens, and heat treatment and thermal processing. In addition, our superior CAD/CAM software means customers get the best imaging before their prototyping runs and the most efficient, accurate management of changes or improvements that need to be made to their prototypes.

Fair Haven Machine, Inc. is ITAR registered, and AS9100 and ISO9001 certified. Due to these certifications, some of the country’s leading aerospace companies trust us to manufacture and deliver their aerospace prototype parts on time. Our exemplary quality management systems and ability to work with complex materials such as Inconel, titanium, and stainless steel make us a trusted partner for aerospace prototyping and its stringent requirements for full-scale production. When seeking short-run or single aerospace prototyping, Fair Haven Machine is a trusted partner to many institutions in the aerospace industry.

For on-demand, rapid CNC prototype machining for any industry, contact us today and learn more about how you could benefit from Fair Haven Machine’s CNC precision prototype machining services.

Prototype Machining

Fair Haven Machining Standards

The high-quality work offered by Fair Haven Machine is due in part to the expertise of our knowledgeable staff as well as the advanced machining equipment we use. Founded in 2014, Fair Haven now staffs five team members, each dedicated to meeting the exact requirements or specifications of your project. We boast a product quality rating of over 98%, with a Xometry Partnership Rating that matches that (meaning we are a top partner with Xometry due to our product quality, on-time delivery, communication, and engagement).
In addition to our skilled employees, Fair Haven Machine utilizes 4th axis and vertical machining centers in order to CNC machine complicated and unique parts both precisely and efficiently. We are often able to complete pieces in a single operation, reducing setup time and ensuring close feature to feature tolerance. We also use live tooling lathes that eliminate the need to run multiple milling operations after turning; this can reduce run time considerably and helps us quote your jobs competitively. Visit our About page to read more about the machines we use.

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